With people moving along to other social networking sites, and people’s journal’s becoming less and less active, you are probably like me and seeing more and more of dead journals on your f-list. Well, here is a chance to find some active people who are into the same fandoms and hobbies you are into. Go on and have fun.      

*Suggestions for Making Friends:

1.    No drama, meaning no bashing each other, characters, pairings, fandoms, etc.  If you are really, really easily offended by, hell, I don’t know, someone’s icon or grammar or something else trivial, live with it  This is the only ‘real’ rule, and if it’s happening I will warn you if it is minor or ban you if it’s a major problem.

2.    Be active on LJ, meaning at least 1 entry every 1-2 months at the very least.

3.    Be  willing to read and comment on journal entries of the people you friend here. No one expects you to comment on everything or RIGHT AWAY, but we all like active LJers.  If you are looking to just watch someone’s journal, that’s fine, but tell that that first. And if you are just looking for more numbers under “friends” on your profile page, come on, don’t bother.

4.    If your journal is a purely fanworks, mention it. Nothing against them of course, but this makes it much more important that people have fandoms in common with you.

5.     No picture at the end if you have the self control not too lol. Reason? To bring attention to the actual content of your post. Liking somone’s funny picture isn’t the best way to judge whether you will get along or have much in common with the person. (speaking from experiences)  XD

 Chat here as much as you want. It's all about getting to know each
  I don't care if there are lots and lots of comments under your post. I don't think it floods the place, but makes it friendlier and more open.

*Copy-Paste this into your post, delete my crap in "()" and fill in your own stuff out.  "()" are there to make it easier to see where to write with the formatting crap in-between


*Feel free to personalize/improve it with font colors or add new prompts as you see fit to get as much information about yourself as you wish out there. I made it the most basic fill-out for those who do not like long questionnaires. Go with your own trend and style to make it fun!

Alternatively, Copy-Paste from here:

Name/Age/Location:  (At least give a name or nickname. Keeping your age and location private is fine)

A little Info About Yourself : (optional. Could include what you do for a living or what your major is if you are in college.)

Genre of Fandoms You Are Involved In:  (Example: anime, TV series, manga, DC comics Jpop bands)

Other Interests or Hobbies: (if you have any.)

Fandoms: (Just maybe the top 5 you are into right now, or if you don't have them all listed elsewhere go ahead and feel free to list them all here. If you have them all listed in your profile, just link it. Just a suggestion. It’s easier. )

Pairings:   (Top 5-10. see fandoms)

What You Just Can’t Stand In a Journal:   (Example: Cussing, sexual content, etc.  If you have an issue with topics/opinions/what-have-you that is fairly common or even uncommon, let people know here, to avoid future issues.  No one will judge for being picky, but if you are, do let it be known.)

What You Like In a Person (Example: nice, good sense of humor, non-judgmental)

What My Journal Consist of:  (just a breakdown of % of fandom posts, reviews, fanworks, IRL posts, etc) 

*Share this by posting what is in the box below to a journal entry. It's not going to hurt my feelings if you don't bother, but its like shitting where you sleep in terms of finding friends. No linking, no more new people.

How to do this: (when I first was on LJ I had no idea so..)

1. CTRL+C the stuff in the box.
2. Go to your journal, post a new entry, click on HTML in the right had corner of the entry box you type in and CRTL+V it in there.
3. Switch back to "Rich Text" and it should appear there.
4. Click "post entry" and profit?